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Drexler Differentials

Drexler Motorsport slip Limited Slip Differentials are considered to be amongst the best in the world with thousands being used in various types of vehicles all around the globe. Currently our differentials are available for more than 150 different applications, including the ever popular Formula Student range.

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Drexler Gearboxes

Drexler Motorsport now produces the most successful gearboxes for Formula 3, Group N competition, Argentinean Touring Car Championship as well as a host of other motorsport types. Being fully FIA approved makes this a great choice.

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Drexler Driveshaft's

For many years Drexler Motorsport has manufactured tripod style driveshaft's in various lengths & sizes for a variety of applications. Regardless of whether you race a sports, formula, rally or touring car - Drexler Motorsport has the right solution and can produce high-quality drive-shafts to suit your specific requirements

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Drexler Wheel Hubs

The Drexler-developed wheel-hub-setup with its proven safety-clip-system is successfully used in the most demanding motorsport competitions. For many years countless race winners in FIA GT, ALMS, ELMS, VLN and other racing series have relied on our wheel hub & safety clip system for utmost performance, complete security and total reliability.

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CM Engineering
Drexler UK sales agent

As the UK sales agent for all Drexler transmission products please contact us for quotations. We can advise on all applications, installation and setup of all Drexler products ensuring you get the maximum performance from these outstanding products.

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Feel the difference

Drexler Motorsport stands for innovative drivetrain technology. Our main business area is the development and manufacture of limited slip differentials for many different motorsport series as well as for production class cars and special vehicles.


All production steps from design, development, machining, assembly and testing are handled in-house and our manufacturing process utilizes only the highest quality materials. Furthermore all our products have to go through our vigorous testing process which includes both bench and in-vehicle testing.

UK Sales Agent for

Drexler Differential
in BMW M-Power M235i

Drexler have jointly produced with BMW M Performance the limited-slip differential installed in the M235i Racing pictured above. If you want to have the best quality limited slip differential available on the market then just let us know and we can hook you up.

6 Reasons to choose Drexler

Drexler guarantee a constant high level of quality from raw materials to finished components.
Drexler products are assembled in their purpose built assembly workshop by their specially trained technicians.
Drexler have ensured that their products are FIA homologated.
Drexler are experts at designing the lightest, yet strongest innovative products out there.
Drexler have satisfied big names such as: Mercedes-AMG, BMW Motorsport, Alpina, KTM Sportscar and many others.
Drexler are always willing to develop something special for your specifications and expectations.